Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick Update

Well the month of April has been very eventful thus far! My brother Blake got engaged to the sweetest girl! Her name is Jenna Perks and I am so excited to have a sister-in-law :) . I got to go to one session of general conference with my sister. It was nice to have her, her boyfriend Todd, and Blake and Jenna all come to visit me. I hadnt seen any of my family since July, and it had been way too long!

The Tuesday following general conference, I found out that I was being laid off from my job at the family history library where I had been working for 3 years! It was a blow, but I know it was no coincidence that my parents were headed down to visit me that very day. They were going to stop in Pocatello and stay they night, but when I called them, they decided to come spend that night with me. I am so grateful for the much needed alone time i was able to spent with my parents. I could not have asked for a better mom and dad. :)

Since I only worked at the family history library part time, I am currently seeking full-time employment. I would really like to and am planning on staying in Utah, at least for now.

Next post I hope to share some of my "musings".

Until then-

ApRiL <3

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