Friday, September 26, 2014

Years later...

Well, it's years later and I have been living back in Alberta since January 2011. I have actually really enjoyed being back home. Alberta is a great place. And well, being close to family has bee n such a blessing. Especially with all of my siblings being married. And with three nephews that I get to watch grow up. It has been such a blessing. I should probably change the title of this blog. For although I'd like to say that I was right before, I realize I am completely clueless, at least when it comes to love. Talk about frustrating! I am 31 and I don't understand men really at all. And now most of the friends I spend time with are guys. And they all tell me I am wonderful and awesome and amazing and all the words that are similar to that. But I am as single as they come. And for now, I'm fine with it. Cause the thought of commitment is not always one I like. Sometimes I think I may be a little too picky. But I maintain that the main reason that I am 31 and single is because I am so clueless. Anyway... I am going to try to post more. If for nothing else than a place to me to keep my thoughts that don't necessarily need to be private. - Pril

Friday, August 5, 2011

This one is for Becky

Hello Sister!
I know that you keep saying that I need to update my blog. So here goes:

I have been reading blogs by Mormon girls who show outfits they create and it makes me sick that I can't seem to get myself to be creative. I have some ideas, but never seem to have the motivation to even attempt to put them together. In fact, I don't seem to have the motivation to do much these days, (haven't been feeling well for about a month) but that's not the point.

Anyway. I asked my parents for a sewing machine this past Christmas, in the hopes that I would finally put together a quilt that I bought the fabric for back in 2005. One day,probably sometime in late January, I actually got it out of its box. Days after that, I tried to remember how to thread the needle so that I could wind some thread onto the bobbin (at least I remember what it is called!!!). Fail. Haven't touched it since, and here it is, August.

Maybe someone (cough* Becky cough*), could help her poor older sister with this massive project, or at least help me thread the needle and bobbin and remind me the basics of sewing??

Well...I would add a picture, but I really have no recent ones that I actually like!

Till next time,


Thursday, June 3, 2010

So basically things are going better. I am not working for Discover Card. I am training for the collections department. I think it is going to take me a long time to get good at my job. But I guess it is something to work at, which is good for me.

I feel like an idiot because I just told a guy through an email that I like him. Well I said "kinda" but ya, I told him. And it would be a long distance thing if it even worked out. My dad thinks I should start dating widowed and divorced guys. I think he is worried that I am never going to get married or something. Ha ha. He will come around someday! I'm just a little picky and I still don't think I am ready.

I am really not sure what else to say. This was just a quick update. I am though, sooooooo excited to see my family in 15 days!!! <3

Monday, May 24, 2010

Old pictures

Some pictures....when I used to be blonde...and skinnier :(

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I thought it was time for new post. Probably a lot to do with the fact that I am kinda really bored. So I honestly love having facebook and keeping in touch with people from years ago, but I have a pet peeve about it: why do people add you as a friend if they have no intention of ever actually talking to you? Annoying. Anyway, I am friends with an ex's sister on Facebook and through her for some reason I decided to go and look at his profile. I have only one thing to say: I am so grateful that Heavenly Father answers prayers, even when you think that you are not getting an answer, because for me, within itself, that was the answer I needed, all those years ago. I can't imagine a different life than the one I have now. Though my current state may suggest otherwise, I am actually very happy most of the time, and enjoy being where I am.

When I was 17, I thought that I would be married, barefoot and pregnant by 19. Ha! And you know what? I certainly had a lot of growing up to do. I still do. I am glad I am still single, because I needed to go through a bunch of experiences to get where I am and I am a better person for it, at least I think I am. Had I not moved to Utah, I never would have met my best friends who I dont know what I would do without them. Had I not moved to Utah, I would have not become more independent, and I needed that.

On a side note: a friend from work wanted me to catch up on "Lost" so that we could discuss all the shows together. HOLY MOLY! What an undertaking! I am trying really hard to hurry through watching 120 episodes...well at least all the episodes they have on Netflix thus far. So needless to say....I have become completely addicted to "Lost". Though, its hard to multi-task when watching that show because you really have to pay attention, and I am SUCH a multi-tasker. I guess MAYBE it is teaching me a little focus...hahaha!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bangs...and news!!

So the other day I was absolutely sick of my hair and I wanted to do something different but I am growing my hair out. I noticed that my bangs had gotten kind of long, so I asked my roommate Aubri to cut them. No one has ever cut them this short for me before! I have to say I love them!

So on Monday I went through a 3 1/2 hour job interview/hiring process at Discover Financial. I will be working in a call center collections department. I am kind of excited to start a new job, but I will stay working at Target for now (well till the end of the summer).

After being laid of from the library, I had some serious decisions to make. A few days later...I met this guy who encouraged me that I needed to go back to school and get my bachelors degree. I have always been terrified of going to University so I brushed off the idea. BUT I couldn't stop thinking about it!!! So after doing some research and lot of thought, and prayer...I decided I need to get my bachelors. I have chosen to do it online through Weber State...well that is if they accept me! *Cross my fingers, toes and eyes*.

Well, it's late, and I am kinda tired. BLAH! Work in the morning (and all day for that matter).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick Update

Well the month of April has been very eventful thus far! My brother Blake got engaged to the sweetest girl! Her name is Jenna Perks and I am so excited to have a sister-in-law :) . I got to go to one session of general conference with my sister. It was nice to have her, her boyfriend Todd, and Blake and Jenna all come to visit me. I hadnt seen any of my family since July, and it had been way too long!

The Tuesday following general conference, I found out that I was being laid off from my job at the family history library where I had been working for 3 years! It was a blow, but I know it was no coincidence that my parents were headed down to visit me that very day. They were going to stop in Pocatello and stay they night, but when I called them, they decided to come spend that night with me. I am so grateful for the much needed alone time i was able to spent with my parents. I could not have asked for a better mom and dad. :)

Since I only worked at the family history library part time, I am currently seeking full-time employment. I would really like to and am planning on staying in Utah, at least for now.

Next post I hope to share some of my "musings".

Until then-

ApRiL <3