Friday, September 26, 2014

Years later...

Well, it's years later and I have been living back in Alberta since January 2011. I have actually really enjoyed being back home. Alberta is a great place. And well, being close to family has bee n such a blessing. Especially with all of my siblings being married. And with three nephews that I get to watch grow up. It has been such a blessing. I should probably change the title of this blog. For although I'd like to say that I was right before, I realize I am completely clueless, at least when it comes to love. Talk about frustrating! I am 31 and I don't understand men really at all. And now most of the friends I spend time with are guys. And they all tell me I am wonderful and awesome and amazing and all the words that are similar to that. But I am as single as they come. And for now, I'm fine with it. Cause the thought of commitment is not always one I like. Sometimes I think I may be a little too picky. But I maintain that the main reason that I am 31 and single is because I am so clueless. Anyway... I am going to try to post more. If for nothing else than a place to me to keep my thoughts that don't necessarily need to be private. - Pril

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